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Vapor 2 — What to do after ‘Hello World’ Example

When Apple announced Server APIs and working group, it made me think to switch to Swift for server side development. I was using Javascript and wasn’t happy with the language. Even if it has a lot of features and cool things, it’s not type safe ...
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Migrating from Vapor 1 to Vapor 2

Vapor 2 is released 🚀🎉 This is a big breaking change, but a good one. We have a small server-side project which is developed with Vapor. When Vapor 2 released, ...
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Using SwiftLint and Danger for Swift Best Practices

Apple’s Swift is becoming more and more popular amongst the developer community. Most of us already started adapting our projects to this folk. While adopting, we may not be as ...
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Swifty Tips ⚡️

Subtle best practises that Swift developers are keeping secret. When I first started iOS development, I was always curious about best practises used by giant companies. How does their project structure ...
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Unit Tests in Server-Side Swift API

I’ve shared my first experiences about backend development in Swift in my previous blog post. This is the follow-up post. I'll talk about Unit Tests in Swift. TL;DR Swift accepts ...
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HTTP methods & Database Operations in Server-Side Swift API

After deciding to join more conferences this year, the very first one was dotSwift. It was held in a great old theater in Paris. It was a half day conference ...
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Identifying Side Effects Using Swift

This is a hard problem in any language. When we are interacting with APIs, we are constantly making requests on objects. Let’s say we have an object x. If we ...
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