Using Channels for Data Flow in Swift 📻

Apple frameworks use delegation and observer pattern (NotificationCenter) heavily to pass information around. Although there is nothing wrong about these patterns, the actual implementation always looked a bit inconsistent to me. Let’s look at the basic traits of these patterns first: Delegation: Supports 1-to-1, two-way ...
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iOS/macOS Developer Productivity Kit

We use some tools and also some do customizations on them to increase our productivity. Every tech stack has different needs, therefore, a different set of tools. iOS, macOS, watchOS, ...
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Lightning Read #2: Optional String Pitfalls

I was trying to build a URL the other day. Check the following code block: init?(userId: String?) { guard userId != nil else { return nil } self.path = "/user/\(userId)" ...
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Lightning Read #1: Lazy Collections in Swift

I was planning to write “short” and simple articles about my findings from day-to-day Swift experiments for a while now… 🕵 Here goes the first lightning article! 🚀 ...
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Reusability and Composition in Swift

The one concept Nietzsche, Thoreau and Hesse most probably tried to elude through their lives: Dependency. Even if one does not agree or embrace their philosophies, a programmer should — ...
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What is Firebase Predictions?

Google announced Firebase Predictions in Firebase Dev Summit in Amsterdam this year. This is maybe the most important announcement of the summit. It enables businesses to predict user behavior depending ...
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Generics in Swift 4

As one of the most powerful features in Swift, Generics can be tricky. A lot of people have trouble understanding and using them, especially application developers. Generics are most suitable ...
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Architecting iOS Apps with “Core”

In the last two years, I’ve had chances to experiment with architectures like MVC, MVVM and VIPER. What’s common among those is the V component, which represents the views in ...
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Swift 4’s Codable

It is almost certain that at some point in your app development journey, you needed to (or you will soon :]) serialize some object or value and parse JSON response ...
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Vapor 2 — What to do after ‘Hello World’ Example

When Apple announced Server APIs and working group, it made me think to switch to Swift for server-side development. I was using Javascript and wasn’t happy with the language. Even ...
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